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From Behind the Curtain

January 5, 2016

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

An anwfully regular Monday decended upon the house once again.
But only as regular as a Monday could be from behind the curtain.
Cautious of the thin blinds drawing a little too close to the hidden outline of her body, it was there that Lena intended to spend her day.
Despite her mother's very reassuring speech where she had made it quite clear that her daughter was very welcome indeed to stay for another week, Lena was eager to see for herself.
Enough said.
For hours she had been planning this and, if all went well, her findings would prove her eager predictions.
Greater still, they would be a testimony to the life she had chosen to live, and was about to come back to.

"Human interaction, - Lena has written in her diary the day before - is based upon two principles: respect and the lack of it." 
It was therefore not at all surprising that Lena never once found herself doubting this helpless assumption.
Just when she had spent two weeks in hope of a sudden change, her family had chosen the latter.
Kiera, her sister, paid little attention to the dry and at times sour atmosphere in the house.
"Leave me alone" was a phrase she no longer uttered, as it was automatically assumed that the younger daughter was either preoccupied with her work or, if that was not so, her leasure.
Moreover, her lack of sympathy for her sister's dithering erased the possibility of teamwork in this very unusual endeavor.
Not only had Lena decided to spend an entire day hiding behind a curtain in the far end of the house(the part of it facing the river), but she also decided to record the accusations her parents and family made of her, when they thought she was miles away - at a friends house or was it a party? How typical it was of Lena to no longer remember her own lie...

Of course it would require determination.
Patience and the very physical qualities of sitting still for hours on end.
Qualities,which, Lena knew she had.
Regardless of the circumstances the girl had it in her to succeed against all odds.
She just never knew that her family would become these so-called "odds".
To her it seemed,because they were the closest people she would ever know, that they would be her "evens".

Unbelievably so, but even in her organized frame of mind, Lena's imagination tended to wander off and upset the very well planed structure of any day.
Very hastily, she slapped her palm on the pocket of her jeans.
Worrying about it now would only make it worse - she had forgotten her phone, the only source of entertainment one could possibly enjoy from behind a dusty old curtain.
Xavier, her cousin, would soon be calling.
"Yo" - his usual conversation starter would be so hard to resist. 
Zen thoughts, zen thoughts, zen thoughts Lena reminded herself, before she broke into hysterics and had to spend an entire hour hugging her knees for support; it could have been laughter or tears, but it was the desperate longing for normality which she could never quite achieve, that ultimately forced her to compose herself.


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