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DISNEY PRINCESSES - we've all been there

The Sort of People I've Grown up With

August 29, 2018

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Jane's the sort of person who at first glance seems like the rest, but at another swings from trees and talks to apes.

Mulan's the sort of person who clumsily struggles against her culture by fighting for her culture.

Tiana's the sort of person who works her whole life in pennies, but never gives up hope.

Ariels the sort of person who brushes her hair with a fork and would give up her form and voice for true love.

Rapunzel's the sort of person who creates beauty in the little corner of the world she lives.

Cinderella's the sort of person who has the smallest feet in the land but works the hardest.

Jasmine's the sort of person who's smarter than everyone thinks and kind enough to woo a tiger.

Aurora's the sort of person who sleeps a thousand years, wake's up from her slumber by a flirtatious prince and tries to go back to sleep to continue her dreams.

Belles the sort of person who'd rather read a book.



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