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Through the Lens of an Introvert

December 9, 2015

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

A glance into their souls and one will notice that introverts and extroverts are vastly different. Being an INTJ for almost all my life, my family utterly detested my quiet personality as if it were some kind of plague. Could it be that introvertism is actually not a personality, but the result of a diseased mind? Does being silent in a world of aspiring orators make people feel unnerved? Every time when mom brought the little me to the playgroud, she would point at the frolicking, chit-chatting kids, give me a slight frown and say worriedly, "Why can't you be like them?" From the beginning, I had found myself on a different wave length as those kids. Growing up, I was never the Ms Popular in class and had only a close circle of friends by my side, and not forgetting getting teased by those extroverts who were exploding with endless energy. How do they even do that, do they even attempt to close the latch on their lips for a moment? I was amazed at how the words gush out from their lips like a waterfall (verbal diarrhea), but yet the personality websites that I go to all remark them as warm, friendly people who provide endless quality conversation. Juxtaposing their boldness, quick decisions and dominant positions with my withdrawing, slow and shadowing position, I appeared to be a boring, retarded sloth. Keeping a prized collection of story books and stamps was also regarded as the things that the Victorians used to do. Living a different life from them was seen as odd, and the narrow-minded world only appreciates those who are just as loud or active as them which effectively removes any chance of introverts fitting in. Many people have come up to me and questioned me about my quietness with confusion spiralling in their eyes. No reply was the answer every time because there is no accounting for tastes. Often, when we are exposed to a different stimulus, we instinctively regard it as an anomaly and paste a large sticker over it that says "Weird". Putting aside all the minute, surfacial traits,  I learned that introvertism is preference of a slow-paced way of life and taking one's time to analyze the different options before making a final decision. Questioning a person about his way of life may seem like curiousity, but it really is discrimination in disguise. Rarely do personality websites say anything non-stereotypical about introverts but for extroverts, they are so well-researched and they are ones in the spotlight with their radiant smiles, passionate personalities and fiery workstyle. Serious research would prove that introverts actually are also equipped with these traits, but they are never understood as much as extroverts because they are the outliers. To be honest, I think we could all use some silence once in a while to clear out the mental clutter and hold a book in our hands instead of being super-glued to a screen all the time. Ubiquitous extrovertism is generating a lot of distraction from our main course as after all, someone has to be the audience in this talking world. Various insolent remarks are hurled at introverts because the micelles of extroverts would not waste their energy to interact with them, and introverts are equivalent to "autistic", "weirdos" and "creatures of low intelligence". We are all created equal, and the apparent lack of understanding created such a huge seemingly unbridgable gap between the two that introverts cannot be themselves. Xenophobia brought down the personality level is what we are experiencing now--rejecting all foreign personalities and forcing them into the choking mainstream standards even though there is no perfect personality, much like there isn't really a golden ratio. Yes, introverts are subliminally wired differently but I guess we are all special in our own way and there is no need to impose one's ideology onto another distinctively different creation of God. Zonation of people should never be so clear-cut because there's a group of people whose voices we have yet to hear admist our own chatter. 
Inspired by Susan Cain's TED Talk: The Power of Introverts


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