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December 5, 2015

PROMPT: All in a Minute


GROUP: Flash Fiction

    Mae stumbled down the stairs, eyes half-open and stomach growling, a protest of her extra sleep. She mechanically swept her messy- but still not curly (sigh)- brown hair out of her pale yet healthy-looking face, and continued on to her family’s food cupboard. As she opened the cabinet door, she searched for the Frosted Flakes, but her eyes halted sharply to observe another sight, like a fingernail edge catching on fabric.
    She took in the fiery black wings that looked, like last time, as though they had been seared into the cupboard’s back wall. However, this time, she noticed something new. Slithering between the two wings was a serpent: scaly, yet as sleek and black as obsidian, with dark, shiny fangs. Almost in a trance, Mae reached out to pet the seemingly two-dimensional creature. When her finger came close enough, the serpent’s head escaped its flatness and pounced on the finger. Mae jumped, and pulled her finger backwards, but it was too late, and the serpent slinked back into the wooden surface with some of Mae’s blood as its prize. Mae watched, wide-eyed, with any notion of sleepiness forgotten, as the serpent and its wings slowly faded into nothingness, and the cupboard’s back wall returned to normal.
    Mae blinked a few times, and bandaged the finger that was punctured by the snake's fang. Her smile growing steadily wider, Mae ran into the living room to tell her parents the good news.
This is a shorter version of a piece that I had worked on previously, so I aplogize for the cliffhanger!


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