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Just a little bit of experimenting with unique and challenging prompts: each sentence beginning with a letter of the alphabet, a nameless character, and just for practise, gender neutral pronouns. I'd love to hear your opinions.


December 16, 2015

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

All it took was one word to cause such hurt.
Breathing heavily, she firmly placed her left foot in front of her right.
Concentrating only on the next step she took, her world was condensed into a single action.
Daydreaming and mindless chatter, both constantly present in her normal function, were forgotten.
Even necessities like looking where she was going slipped her mind.
For in that moment, she was far too consumed in only one thing.
Guiding her leg to the next spot, the rest of her being was numb.
Her heart beat was thundering, yet the beats fell upon deaf ears.
It caused her body to shake and tremble, yet she did not notice.
Jutting her right foot in front of her, she progressed further down the hallway.
Knots formed in her stomach as she rounded another corner.
Lest her body betray her, she reached her fingertips to brush the wallpaper on either side of her.
Maybe she was asleep; maybe, just maybe, this had been all a sick, twisted nightmare.
Oh, how she wished it wasn't true.
Perhaps if she hadn't listened to the rumours, she could still be pretending it was all still a dream.
Quite the opposite - her concern for her friend was overbearing.
Rounding the final corner, the stench hit her before the sight did.
Suddenly, as if jolted awake from her nightmare, she became all too aware of her being.
Tears streamed down her cheeks.
Uncontrollably, her hands shook.
Violen choked sobs erupted from her throat.
Wallpaper tore away from the walls as she pulled her hands away in grief, staring in shock at her beloved friend.
Xir body was motionless on the cold hard floor - xir face peaceful amidst the tears across xir face and pool of blood around xem. 
Yes, she knew xie had been broken for a long time, but it was that one word that caused all of this in the first place.
Ziggy was never broken in the first place, yet now, due to those who ostracised xem, xie could never ever be healed.
For those unaware, people who identify on the non-binary spectrum sometimes do not feel comfortable using female and/or male pronouns when referring to themselves. People who identify as neither female nor male, like Ziggy identifying as agender, can use xie/xir/xem to replace gendered pronouns such as he/his/him.
Thanks to all of my reviewers so far!

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