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January 7, 2016

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Everything about her was flamboyant, right down to those contact lenses that snugly stuck to the cornea of her eye. They were not the usual jealous green, vain blue or wanna-be brown, hers was a shade of renegade cerise. And if one were to stare into those exquisitely crafted, almond-shaped eyes, one gaze was enough leave an imprint. 

It was impossible to miss her in the campus, the "Pink Lady" was overtly conspicuous. On every Tuesday in the confines of the emerald walls of the Raffles Hall cafeteria, her unruly and curly neon-pink Japanese bob stands out in the waves of brown and black. Once she sets foot into the area, her overpowering home-made Frangipani Eau-de-Toilette would fill the lungs of everyone in the room. This Tuesday, the whole process repeats itself, but with a longer queue. She joined the line with her Poudretteites encrusted in glistening gold, the light rouge on her cheeks trying hard to conceal a bright pink pimple. She wore a light sakura-coloured lipstick and a peach-coloured summer dress. Her fuchsia Havanas that matched the carefully painted, solid-colour nailpolish on her toes tapped up and down impatiently as the people in front of her left the queue contendedly, sipping their drinks with instant relief written all over their faces. 

Finally, it was her turn to order. 

"Next!" the auntie said loudly in mandarin. 

"Hi auntie!" She greeted cheerfully, full with the youthful vibe flowing in her veins and her favorite color, cerise. The seemingly rebellious outlaw turned out to be very amiable. 

"Why hello there! Your regular?" The auntie's voice heightened by an octave as she beamed to welcome the "Pink Lady". She nodded vigourously by the counter and showed off her radiant smile with her pearlie-whites bundled together by braces. The colour of the adherers were cerise, like her contacts. 
The auntie singled out the largest paper cup she could find. Using a small metal shovel, she scooped up a dozen sparkling ice-cubes fresh from the large freezer and dumped them into the cup. She used a ladle to scoop some of the rainbow pearls into the same cup before filling it to the brim with a viscous blend of strawberry milk tea. 

"Come, here's your summer chill. The weather's getting hotter isn't it?" The auntie adjusted her floral apron that was dotted with succulent ripe cherries, or cerise, in French. 

"Yes, but luckily for me, I have auntie's powerful drink!" She chuckled and handed over a golden octagonal coin together with its little brother, a smaller but circular golden one. Her laughter was crisp like the silver bells on Santa's little carriage, and the auntie loved it. They would usually chat for a little while, but the scorching sun has brought many sweaty students and lecturers waiting for a cool fix. She did her signature "Twinkle Star" goodbye and faded into the ocean of undergraduates and diffused into the air-conditioned common room, the only room in the traditionally pine-loving Raffles Hall that was, you guessed it, cerise. 



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