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NOTE: This is horror. If you are the kind of person who is creeped out easily, don't read this. Otherwise, please enjoy this horror flash fiction!


November 6, 2015



GROUP: Flash Fiction

My fangs were sharper than double-edged knives.
It’s a perfect target. I can’t resist. An isolated farmhouse, miles away from the outside world. That way no one but the family will hear the screams.
It almost makes me feel sorry for them.
I decide that I will make this one short and sharp.
Very sharp. I hoped that they wouldn’t notice until morning.
I climb through the window. It’s a hallway. I have a chance of being noticed now. I curse under my breath and walk to the nearest door.
The floor creaks. I stopped, every movement seems like I am more increasingly obvious; the house is warning them.
The door was ajar. I step through. I find it is a child’s room.
All the better.
All the tastier.
I walk to the bed. The boy is beautiful. He has perfect black hair and a permanent smile. Even in his sleep.
He will be asleep for a while.
I sink my teeth into the fleshy tissue of his neck. Lovely. His blood is nice and warm, and sweet, but also bitter, like eating a dark chocolate with a caramel filling. The blood rips down my chin. I must not forget my manners.
He is dead by now. I can tell.
Would one more bite really hurt?
No, I tell myself. Don’t do it. You could be found out and killed. You could even be killed. It’s not worth it.
But then the Other Side takes over.
Do it again.
Do. It. Again.
The second bite is even better than the first. I feel like I am engulfed in pure bliss. For me, it is bliss. Untouched. Violent. Human to the core. Dark blood. Dark heart. Darkness.
The taste of human blood.
Even the smallest drop leaves me begging for more. The more I have the more I want.
Or the Other Side does.
When the Other Side takes over, I don’t know what will happen to me. Will I die? Will I transform? Will I become pure greed and blood and darkness?
I let go from the child’s neck. The blood drips down his to his pillows.
They are red. He is porcelain white. Like a china doll.
I know going back to the hall is too dangerous. I open the child’s window. I step through.
And come crashing to the ground.
That must’ve woken up the locals. I decide not to run. Might as well watch the fireworks. They can’t see me if I’m on the roof. I scale the pipe until I’m on the roof. Then I wait.
The door opens. Sobbing. Gentle comfort. More doors. More people.
More lives that are twisted and horrible because of me.
I am out there. I am behind your back. I am at your window. I can see your house.
And my fangs are as sharp as double-edged knives.


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