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the last night of our lives.

March 5, 2018

PROMPT: In The End


GROUP: Flash Fiction

it was our last night on planet earth. not for just me and you, but for everyone. there was nothing to do at this point, nowhere to go. the streets were clogged with traffic- those who wanted to say their final goodbyes. but you and i didn't have to worry about that.

the roof of the children's home- our home- offered us the perfect view of the night sky, and the only thing i needed was your hand. my hair, fanned out above me, got caught in the shingles. the little problems didn't matter anymore, as the oppressive blackness covered the world like a blanket, taking every last life with it.

the air became colder, and suddenly, it was hard to breathe. and while cries and screams were lost to the shadows, we welcomed the arrival of the nothingness. we grew up with nothing, we knew nothing, we lived a big fat nothing.

i squeezed your hand, and you squeezed mine in return. this was the end. i could hear the void now- a draining sound filled my ears. the moon extinguished itself. overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.


“The Nine Billion Names of God,” Arthur C. Clarke


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  • Riley Noel

    This is a beautiful piece!!

    over 1 year ago