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Hey I'm a seventeen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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A Child's Love

June 13, 2018

PROMPT: Tweet-Tales


GROUP: Flash Fiction

I fly up threw the air. Then, fall back in to the strong arms that tossed me. He flings me up again and I giggle. My belly feels like it is leaving me. He tosses me again then sets me on the ground. I reach for him, my arms stretching up.
​    "Again, Daddy, again." I demand. He smiles at me and laughs.
​    "But my arms are getting tired." He says.
​    "Again, Daddy, again." I insist. He laughs and picks me up. I fly through the air, over and over he tosses me. This time when he goes to set me down I wrap my arms around his neck. He straightens, holding me to him. I lay my head on his shoulder.
​    "I love you, Daddy." I say. His arms tighten.
​    "I love you to, pumpkin." 
Exactly 140 words!

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