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Hey I'm a sixteen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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The Present She Needs

January 20, 2018

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Harper stands on a chair looking out the front window. It is an old faded recliner and she rocks it back and forth as she waits. Her hands resting on the headrest. It is a dark rainy day, but Harper's happy spirit brightens the old house. A woman walks into the room. She is middle aged and her blonde hair is starting to grey. Her face looks worn and her eyes are tired.
​    "Harper, get off that chair. How many times do I have to tell you not to stand on the furniture." Her voice is tired, as if she knew she would be ignored but had to say the words anyway.
​    "But Mama, I'm watching for Papa." The woman sighs and her shoulders droop a little more.
​    "Harper, dear, I don't think your father is coming." Her voice quavers as if she might cry. Harper doesn't look away from the window.
​    "Of course he is coming Mama. He promised he would come for Christmas." Her voice is confident and joyful. She has no doubt that her dear Papa will keep his promise. The woman sighs and her eyes fill with tears. She knows that Harper's Papa would love nothing better than to be home for Christmas, but events have worked to keep this small family apart. The woman leaves the room, leaving Harper to stare hopefully out the window.
​    An hour later the woman hears a shout from the front room.
​    "Mama!" Harper bursts out of the room and runs for the door. "Papa is here!" Harper shouts joyfully, arriving at the door just as the doorbell rings. Harper flings the door open. Standing on the doorstep, dripping wet, is a man. Under one arm he holds a box and under the other a squirming wet puppy. He looks a little older than the woman, his hair is mostly grey, but when his eyes light on his little girl he smiles and the years melt away. He steps inside and sets down both of his bundles, reaching for his daughter. He lifts her up and swings her around. Harper laughs, the joyful sound resounding through the house. The man holds Harper close for a moment then sets her down.
​    "Hello, pumpkin." He says, "Did you see what I brought you?" Harper, who had had eyes only for her Papa, looked down, the puppy is bouncing around her feet. She lets out a squeal and falls to her knees. The man steps around his daughter to take his wife in his arms. She clings to him crying.
​    "I can't believe you're here." She says through her tears. The man laughs softly and holds her tighter.
​    "I promised Harper I would be home, nothing was going to stop me. I brought you your spools of yarn." The woman laughs softly.
​    "You are the only present I need." She kneels down next to Harper, the man joins them, gathering his family close.  


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  • AbigailSauble

    This is such a sweet scene which you present here! Beautifully done!

    over 1 year ago
  • RedWriter

    Very beautiful

    over 1 year ago