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I'm 15 and have a passion for writing, music, and dance.

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September 14, 2017

GROUP: Flash Fiction

 The boy sat on the dock and wept.
 He cried for the loss of love. A tear in his heart so big it seemed too much to bear.
He glanced up at the fish in the lake and wished to be with them. To be free with them for a few days is all he asked for. To not think about the life he must face. He would not go back to the house. Not back to the home where he knew her. Where her bones would be lain. Not back to the house where his mom had died.

 "Dear God," he wrote, "I have been good all my life. I lived in a way I thought you would want. Be it man or beast, I treat all with love. But I ask, is life how it should be? And," he went on, "Why did you leave?" He paused on the next words. "Did you leave me?" He asked in his head, "or did I leave you?" He threw the note and pen to the hard floor and cried. "Who left who? Do I have a soul? Is this life all there is?"
 He feared the truth he knew.


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