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You may be wondering what makes me different from you or the person in the corner? Well not a lot really, I write on here, on Wattpad, and singing is my life. I'm striving to one day perform on Broadway... hopefully. I honestly just love feedback!

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August 5, 2015

PROMPT: Two in a Canoe


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Cold, icy and dark, the fog surrounded the roughly carved shape. His eyes fixed on the gleaming blue below. My hood covered the tops of my hair and shadowed my face from the cold air. His arms outstreched in movements as the long wooden oar toched the silky blue. In the distance dry plants lined the edge and softly sinked and dissapeared. Frosty clouds emerged from our warm breathes as we silently sat still. The carved wood moved gently as he placed the oar inside the boat. My nose felt a numbness as the frost began to attack it. My sleeve wiped it as I shivered slightly. The cold seemed to seep through my skinny jeans as he turned around. Carefully he positioned himself infront of me. 

The air set still as small rustles here and there stirred. "You been lifting weights lately?" he asked me trying to make small talk. 
"Yeah a little..." I reply trying to think of more to say. His deep voice had a warmth to like hot chocolate. My knee twitched as he inched slightly closer. Silecne filled the air, the rustles stirred occasionly. "You have too, haven't you?" I asked in a steady voice.
He smiled as I attempted to make conversation. "Yeah, want to see?" he asks leaving the frost to stick to my body again. I nodd silently unsure how to respond. Slowly the zip of his jacket trailed down as he slid one arm out, flexing his mucles. My insides turned as I saw his flexed arm. I smiled slightly as I raised his jacket to him. He smiled shaking his head as he quickly slipped it back on, zipping it back up. 

The cold seemd to stay but the fog had lifted a little. It was now to see the lodge off to the right. The other carved masterpieces sat at the side side by side as the rope restrained them from any journey. "I thought you might be cold" I explained, justifying handing him the jacket. 
"Thanks" he said as our knee's touched. He placed a hand on my right knee, creating warmth through my whole body. The deep blue below seemed to have lightened in colour as light reflected. I stared at the mysterious blue as I felt his hand move slightly on my knee. I lifted my head and placed it upon his forehead, softly closing my eyes. 

His breath trailed down my neck and my chin. The cold air was replaced with the warmth of his presence. His spare hand moved to my side on the edge of my rib cage. His gentle hand softly rubbed my side. The atmosphere seemed to circulate around the two of us. The cold air dissapeared in spurts, for seconds at a time as a warm feeling crept through my body. His hand that was on my knee moved to the tip of my chin. With his thumb he stroked my chin. For a split second, without him noticing, I opened my eyes and noticed hsi peaceful sombre expression. He seemed relaxed, like I was. 

A shiver tingled down my spin forcing my hands to find my arms. His hand moved from my side to my back slowly rubbing it, our foreheads still linked. His warm breathe still gave me peaceful chills. "OI!" came from the side. Five musular figures stood there. Our heads snapped to the right at the sound. We had now come to realisation with the darkening world as the frost hit me like a bullet. 


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