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That's What Sisters Are For

March 2, 2017

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Allie flies through the pool at top speed, racing her little sisters.
Bella is the youngest and definitely is not fast, but she is a good swimmer and determined to beat her sisters.
Chloe is in the middle and is sometimes faster than Allie, but not always.
Deep under the water they go, from the shallow end to the deep.
Every few seconds the lead switches between the sisters, Allie to Bella to Chloe, or vice versa.
"Fun!" Bella says to Chloe in sign language under the water.
Getting to the end is their favorite part, they get to start a new race.
How their energy continues so long is something even they can't figure out.
In seconds Allie takes the lead, Bella not close behind.
"Jinx!" Allie and Bella shout, laughing as they both reach the end at the same time and shout "I win!"
"Ketchup, girls, on your hot dogs?" their mom, Valerie, calls from the back porch.
Leaning out, their mother then notices that Chloe is nowhere to be seen.
Maddox, their brother, rushes out and calls Chloe's name, then when she doesn't appear, he dives into the pool.
"No, Maddox!" Allie jumps in after him, in search of him.
Over in the middle of the pool is Chloe, halfway unconscious, with Maddox frantically trying to pull her back up.
Pleading to Maddox to go back up, she grabs Chloe's arm and tugs hard, making sure she doesn't sink down any farther.
Quickly as she can, she rushes up to the surface of the water with Chloe's hand firmly grasped in her own.
Running to the back door is Bella, telling their frantic mother that Allie found her, and Valerie hurries over to her middle child.
"Safe?" Chloe's sisters and her brother ask Valerie anxiously. 
Then Chloe coughed loudly and gives a small smile to her sisters: "You saved me..."
Understandably, Valerie bursts into grateful tears and Maddox flings himself into Chloe's arms.
Valerie throws herself over Maddox onto Chloe in a huge hug, and so do Allie and Bella.
When they finally pull themselves apart, her sisters smile.
Xavier, Valerie's boss, calls suddenly on her cell, Valerie looks and decides to ignore it.
"Yellow salad is my favorite kind..." Chloe says, an inside joke with the sisters that no one else understands.
Zealously, the sisters laughed, and Allie and Bella tell Chloe "That's what sisters are for."


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