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I am 15 and live in Maryland. I have a passion for writing, reading, dancing, and surprisingly iced tea.

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Please feel free to critique any of my published work. I want/need as much feedback as possible

White Chocolate

April 5, 2015

GROUP: Flash Fiction

She looked down at her doorstep and saw the box. Heart-shaped, red, and addressed with her name, Halley. There was no clue of a deliverer, only 17 white chocolates. 17. It was february 17th. Three days after Valentine's Day. It made her remember the brutal holiday. Most on the fourteenth shared a romantic day with their loved ones or had a celebratory party with all of their single friends, but not Halley. It fell on a Saturday, so she spent her entire day moping around her apartment and cleaning, since her roommate having a siginificant other, disapeared for the majority of the day leaving Halley alone.

Halley tried not to grieve to much while she cleaned, but it was hard not to imagine what it would be like to be given and giant teddy bear, a dozen red roses, and box of chocolates. White chocolate, of course. She hated the bitter taste of dark chocolate, and once at a tour of Hershey's Chocolate World she vomitted after eating two pieces of milk chocolate. She hasn't had milk chocolate since. She imagined a mystery man ringing her door bell while she was doing laundry. He would say, "I'v seen you around and I just thought we should hang out sometime. I thought Valetine's day would be a good start." Halley waited hopefully all afternoon for her mystery man to appear, but no one ever came.

Now, looking at the white chocolates on her doorstep she thought may be she did have a secret admirer. But why three days after the holiday of love? Why not in person or atleast a note of explanation?  Halley wanted answers and she wanted to know who. She ran inside with the heart-shaped box and began compiling a list of names.


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