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Witches and Rosanne

March 29, 2015

GROUP: Flash Fiction

One day, much to my dismay, mother announced that we would be going to neighbor’s house with dinner. Mother insisted that she was a lonely soul and it was our duty to keep her company. I, of course, did not understand what she meant.

Now Mrs. Cavanaugh was a bitter old widow who I had no liking for. Never once did she speak or interact with the society. It was as if she were trying to repel people with her silent and intimidating demeanor. Cooped up in her small, ruddy house, she would sit on a rocking chair with a spool of dark, thin lace and twist the strands in her wrinkled hands. We could see through the windows because they were open often.

Before we were to leave for her house, mother was running around searching for pepper. What she didn’t know was that little Sammy had a strong liking toward the black and white pepper grinder and kept it hidden in her stash of toys. Toddlers and old people I could never understand.

We got to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s house at 6:30 when finally Sammy turned in the tool. As mother rang the doorbell, the woman opened her door with a warm smile plastered to her face. And I say plastered because she never, never looked happy. Mother shook hands with her and gave her the chicken and rice. I entered and prepared myself to find out that she was a witch. Because being old automatically predisposed people to practicing witchcraft. At least in my eyes.

But as it would turn out, Mrs. Cavanaugh, or as she said we should call her—Rosanne, was quite the company. Rosanne had a Golden Retriever named Spartan, who was wet at the time of our introduction because he loved jumping around in the shower. She also had toys and games in one corner of the living room.

My conclusion from that evening was that not all old people were witches. But of course, all witches were old people. 

Just a little piece with all the following things: wet dog, spool, doorbell, pepper grinder, handshake. 


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