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Two Sides of the Lake

November 8, 2019

PROMPT: Two in a Canoe


GROUP: Flash Fiction

"I didn't catch your name."

John's voice carried over the rumbles of water forced by his paddle. The canoe glided swiftly across the surface of the lake, carrying two young boys aboard. For the past ten minutes, they had been nowhere near land--at least, as far as John could see through the mist.

The boy at the other end of the canoe remained quiet, cross-legged and aggravated. He had been wearing the same scowl since John found him, shirtless and heavily bruised in the chest near the lakeside at the crack of dawn. Even when John lent his hoodie, he didn't get out of his way to utter a simple "thanks".

John's words seemed to have vaporised into thin air. "What's a camper doing on the other side of the lake?"

The splashes of water answered.

He thought of the bruises. "Did you fight?"

"None of your business." His voice was taut.

"What's your name?" John tried again.

No response. Again.

"If I'm gonna steer you back to your camp and let you enjoy the warmth of my hoodie I at least want a name." He paused. "No need to tell me what happened last night."

Out in the distance, the silhouettes of chalets loomed closer, the mist thinning as the canoe cut through the lake. The bottom of the canoe started to hit solid land underneath. The still air reminded John that it was barely 7, so he assumed none of the campers were awake.

"It's Eric." The boy finally uttered. "And I didn't fight. I was tricked."

John whipped his head back just as Eric swung his legs off the canoe and pulled the hoodie over his head, his deep bruises on his chest exposed in broad daylight. Without another word, Eric marched out the murky waters, barefoot.
I tried to keep it below 300 words so a lot of the story had been cut out. But none of the context was changed so hope this suffices!


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