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Trapped in Placing (Pt.1- To Be Continued Later...)

May 12, 2016



GROUP: Flash Fiction

I placed my hand on the tiger's nose. Breathing heavily, I tried to tell it to calm down. It responded by slashing me in the arm. I fell back, gasping for air.
The cut was seething. The tiger's claws were filled with poison and acid. I grabbed the arm and shut my eyes. Nope, not an animal communicator.
"Ma'am!" I yelled into the sky. The tiger roared, beginning to walk up to me again. "PLEASE!" I yelled louder, looking up in the sky, waiting for a plane or anything to rescue me.
"I-I think we both know I'm not an animal com-" I was interrupted by the tiger again. It charged toward me and I got up and ran. I ran towards the forest. There was really no other place to go. We were in a large circle of grass. The only area with no trees or wildlife growing.
I panted, still holding my cut which was now bubbling. Great, just what I need when I'm running for my life.
My vision started to blur and I looked up hopelessly at the sky. Nothing. I kept running and found a nice protected area behind a few trees. I dashed in and sat against a tree, gasping for air. It was getting hard to breathe with this poison in my blood. I looked up again. I decided that it wasn't coming for a while. I could hear the tiger growling in the distance, angered by not being able to find me.
I've heard stories of this happening to people before. I never dreamed it would be happening to me. People would go in for their testing to see where they belonged and what their talent was, but WGPS would never take them back. They would never save them from the place, even if it wasn't their talent.
I laid my head back against the tree I was leaning on. I searched for something to cover up my cut. I looked down to see my hand shaking.
"SOMEONE?" I rasped. I was finding it hard to see straight. Couldn't WGPS see I was hurt? I knew they had cameras around here, watching. Seeing how we did. I looked into a tree. When I looked closer, I could see a camera, which looked more like five. In fact, everything was in fives. And spinning. I stumbled towards the tree with the camera. I grabbed it, my face right up to it, and yelled.
"PLEASE HELP ME. PLEASE-" I was about to yell it again when I fell. Something was grabbing my leg and pulling me into a dark entrance I hadn't noticed before. I knew it before anything could happen. I was going to die. I screamed, digging my hands into the dirt, hurting my arm even more. I looked back to see hands, human hands. And that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

I woke up on a bed. More like a large leaf. But a better bed than the dirt was. I sat up and screamed. My arm felt like it was on fire. A girl walked up to me. She had long brown hair and was wearing a shirt that looked very old and dirty and pants in the same condition. She wasn't wearing any shoes but her feet were surprisingly clean and she was surprisingly pretty. I looked around and realized I wasn't outside. Or I was less outside than I was before.
I was in some sort of hut made from logs and leaves.
"Shush!" The girl yelled, running up to me and pushing me back down onto the bed.
"You are going to wake Merca," She whispered, putting a finger to her mouth. She had a french accent which took me by surprise.
"Who's Merca?" I said, sitting back up. She pushed me back down again and put a finger to her lips. She gave me an angry look and pointed out the door. "It's outside but you have no business with it, being new here and all," She whispered. I sat up again, expecting her to push me down, but she didn't.
I looked at my arm to see it bandaged, but nonetheless hurting like crazy. I got out of the bed and the girl, noticing I got out, grabbed my bandaged arm. I gasped, pursing my lips together to keep the scream from coming out. She glanced back and let go, glaring. I let out my breath.
She signaled me to follow her and I followed her out of the hut.


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