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The Good Guy

May 12, 2016



GROUP: Flash Fiction

I sat in the dimly lit room, the only source of light shining bright into my eyes.
"Tell us everything you know," A man said in front of me, his face stern. I raised my eyebrows. "OK well, that would be," I counted on my fingers, looking up to the ceiling. "Nothing," I smiled and sat back in my uncomfortable chair, arms dangling in the back.
"You said-" He started, but I interrupted him,
"It was a LIE! I made it up I was just..." I sighed. I knew he would never believe me. Wait, let's back up. Let me tell you how I got in this mess.

I whistled as I walked down the empty halls, waving at people I had no idea ever existed. They waved back, something I'm not so used to. I stuck my hand in my pocket, feeling around for the chip and remote.Ah.That sweet feeling of touching your invention.
I took it out and twirled it in my fingers, still whistling. A man walked by and I winked, not noticing he could see the chip in my hand until he protested.
"Sir," He said. I grabbed his arm just as he was about to grab the chip away. "It's-already-passed-inspection-" I said, struggling to hold him arm back. He was surprisingly strong. I stuck the chip on the door behind me, pressed the remote, shut my eyes and let go of the man's arm. Just as the man's hand touched the tip of my nose, I was in. I was in the room. My invention had worked! I did it, I got into the bad guy vault!
Wait a second, you might be thinking. Aren'tIthe bad guy? Well, not exactly. I'm not the bad guy right now but as you can see, I'm not exactly the good guy either. I sighed and looked around.
There I saw it. The box. The one I've been looking for my whole life. Just sitting in the middle of the table. I ran up to it, grabbed the box, and darted.Ah, the sweet, sweet handle. Just grab the handle, turn, and leave with it!I grinned. Just as I grabbed the smooth, cold handle, a pain shot through my leg.
I grabbed the spot the pain was focused in and pulled out a dart. I looked back. I man with sunglasses that looked like he had just been pulled out of MIB stared down at me. I waved, smiling faintly.
"Hi," I mumbled, just before blacking out.

And there I am again. In the dark room, being interrogated for what I know. Yeah, see, I kinda maybe told them I was from the FBI and that they should let me go immediately. And it worked!..Only until it didn't.
I was so close! I had it. I just needed to be faster. No, that wasn't it. I needed to be smarter. How could I not think there was going to be someone guarding it?
"Listen," I said, smiling and putting my hand on the man's shoulder, who swatted it off.
"I was a little woozy. I didn't know what I was saying, I just woke up from being blacked out," I said, shrugging my shoulders.
"Now, let me go. I won't tell anyone anything. I won't steal anything. Just-" I got up and ran. The man was taken by surprise and in the rush of trying to get me, he fell backwards from his chair. I laughed, just in time to run into another man.Great. I really have to get my act together!
The man grabbed me by my arm and pulled me out of the room.
"Listen! I-I have a gun! I'll shoot right now!" I said, sticking my hand in my pocket. Wow, I have to stop telling lies. The men didn't acknowledge I existed at that point. Except, one man did look down at me. Uh oh. I waved what I knew was my last wave before being blacked out. The man smiled and punched me in the face. Not very classy, but efficient. Then, you guessed it, I blacked out... again.
Well, I could go on for hours about it. But long story short, I became a good guy. Official and everything.


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