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The Canoe

May 11, 2016

PROMPT: Two in a Canoe


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Lora paddled, grunting. It was harder than it looked paddling a canoe with two people and doing itallby yourself. It was even more torture when the other person was your annoying brother.
"Thanks for the help, James!" Lora said, between grunts. James sat, the same bored expression on his face.
"It's notmyfault we're in this mess!" He said, throwing his hands up in exclamation. Lora rolled her eyes. The sun was going down and she wanted to reach land before it got too dark. She could see a faint sign of land on the horizon, but she knew that was too far. They would need a miracle to get anywhere before dark.
"I'm hungry!" James groaned, searching his bag for food, almost tipping the canoe over.
"JAMES!" She yelled, steadying the canoe. James looked up, completely clueless. Lora sighed.
"You know what?" Lora got up and threw the paddle at James who caught it just in time before it fell in the water.
"YOU paddle," she said, pushing him towards the front of the boat. "YOU steer, YOU find the way to land!" Lora sighed and sat down where James was last sitting, crossing her arms, her eyes narrowed.
"Yeesh," James said, his eyes wide. He stuck the paddle in the water and moved it barely before groaning and putting the paddle back in the canoe.
"OK FINE! YOU'RE RIGHT! YOU'RE THE BEST! THIS IS TOO HARD!" James yelled, handing the paddle to Lora.
"Andnowyou understand why we're not 'there' yet?" Lora said. She stepped over to the other side of the canoe to steer but as she was crossing, her foot slipped, un-evening the weight and tipping the boat over.
Lora gasped for air as her arms flailed. She wasn't the best at swimming. Neither is James, she thought worriedly. She searched frantically for James while still trying to stay up and breathe. She searched, bobbing up and down as water splashed into her mouth. She swam frantically and, surprisingly felt land. She grasped onto it and pulled herself onto the Earth.
When Lora caught her breath, she looked out into the ocean. She could see the canoe, not too far away, overturned in the water. The water was still rippling.
"JAMES!" She yelled, the sound going nowhere, yet the words were echoing inside her head. She dangled her feet in the cold water.
"JAMES!" She yelled again, losing hope. Then, suddenly something grabbed her foot and she felt like it was pulling her in. She gasped, too scared to make out any words. A head popped out. She noticed the brown hair. It was James!
She grabbed the hand and pulled it onto the land. James was gasping and spitting out water. Lora looked at him, her eyes wide.
"Lora, I'm so-" James started but Lora interrupted him with her laughing.Laughing?
"Lora, how can you be laughing when-" Lora pulled James into a hug. "You're alive!" She said, sighing with relief. A huge smile spread across Lora's face.
"Also," She said, patting James on the back. "I found land!"


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