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Hi my name is Dani and I love writing! Anything from sports journalism to poetry to creative writing. ❤️

Message to Readers

Just would love to hear what everyone thinks. Also I couldn't think of a good title so I named it Florentine. If anyone has title ideas I'd love to hear them!


May 4, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Minute


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Florentine stared out the window of the car. She inclined her head slightly, still sitting tall, and checked her watch. 10 seconds. Nothing stirred outside. Not even the birds wanted to fly by the car window. Florentine looked straight outside again. Her hair was long, deep black and straight as a pin, and her eyes were blue and weighed with emotion. Among her proud features, her true feelings could only be discerned from her eyes. The rest of her seemed frozen, stiff, beautiful, and not quite human. She dipped her head down again. 30 seconds. Her eyes scanned her surroundings again, full of impatience. They looked at the door handle as if considering going out, but her slender hand did not move from its place on the armrest. 45 seconds. Florentine's piercing blue eyes could not contain her impatience and she shifted slightly in her seat, her hand sliding slowly towards the door handle. 50 seconds. A small sound of disparagement escaped Florentine's mouth as she continued to wait, now staring resolutely at the empty driver's seat. 55, 56, 57. Her cool demeanor had given way to furious anxiety, and for once, Florentine looked less haughty, less beautiful, and more like a teenage girl. 58, 59. Her hands shook and she felt a bead of sweat drip down her forehead. 1 minute. In a moment of absolute anger and adrenaline, Florentine shoved the car door open, jumped outside, and sprinted to the garage door, hair flying everywhere, all dignity forgotten.


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