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March 17, 2015

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Here goes. Nothing. Everything. I stare at the doorbell. Do I ring it, or not? Why should I change everything I've built up around me?

For the speck of a chance I will solve the puzzle at last.

I stand on the doorstep, unsure of what my life will look like if I just walk away, even more unsure what my life will look like if I do ring it. My left hand holds the cheap plastic umbrella handle so tightly, I think it'll break. My right hand is poised to ring the bell, held slightly out from my side, ready to do what I've thought about for years. But it trembles with the uncertainity. 

I risk a glimpse behind me. A world I had thought was focused on that doorbell is as quick and busy as always. People walk and laugh, shake hands and then hurry on. Even the dripping wet stray dog seems to be in a hurry, to find some dry place. Dry, warm, and free of doorbells on doors on houses that hold the key to old mysteries and will change my world.

It's time. I either need to be satisfied with never knowing--it'll won't effect me now, anyway, now that I have repaired the damage done and rebuilt up a life, or I will take a chance of walking into an unknown house and find out what happened, why, and if--the question always lurking at the back of my brain--it may happen again.

Ring the doorbell or don't ring it? 

My curiosity got the better of me.


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