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I just really want to know what tone it gives and grammar and what you think the chaos is. Also obviously if it's good or bad on a scale or something. Thank you

A Lone Wolf In A Safe Place

April 15, 2016

GROUP: Flash Fiction

My eyes stared through the glass pane in front of me. This glass pane kept me out of the chaos my eyes looked at. This glass pane kept me safe. That was what we needed. A safe place. I was one of the last ones safe. All the kids who used to be safe were gone. Most were dead and some may had found a more safe place. Their safe place may have had more kids so they would not be forced to be a lone wolf. I am a lone wolf. As my eyes stare at the chaos in front of me I wish to not be a lone wolf. I feel robbed of love and wish to not be a lone wolf. So for the last time, my eyes stared out, through the glass pane. For the last time, I stayed in my safe place and I broke the glass pane and let the chaos have me. I was not safe but I was no lone wolf.


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