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I live smack in the center of Kansas in a small town called Sterling. My dad is the band teacher at both schools and my mom is the librarian at both schools. I love sci-fi/fantasy stories and am considering writing as a career.


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My D&D party in a nutshell. From top to bottom, we have a "bardbarian" (technically bard, physically barbarian), a snake-oiler sorcerer, a blind ranger (my character), a half-giant, half-dwarf, alcoholic wizard, and a Warforged communist rogue (who's dead now.) Please enjoy!

My D&D Party in a Nutshell

July 20, 2019

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Edmond is the guy who would go barging into a nest of fully-grown dragons, fists flying, and call the others out for cowardice.

Darius is the kind of person who'd be able to sell eyeglasses to a blind man.

Sorrow was the kind of person who would watch as people's plans fell to ruin and laugh.

Nile is the kind of man who would go out drinking to celebrate anything.

Lenny was the kind of person who thought that pulling a knife could solve every problem.


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  • hero2a11

    Our party was earning some money for our newly-founded railway business (long story) by doing some coliseum fights. The champion just so happened to be a mind flayer. After it distracted the two powerhouses of the group (the bardbarian and a dragonborn paladin that joined us), he stunned the other members of the group that were hanging back, but me and the sorcerer managed to break free. The sorcerer tried a spell that had a chance of insta-killing it, but it shrugged it off. I shot the mind flayer in the chest with a hydra tooth-tipped arrow, which understandably made it upset. My character is blind, but he saw the mind flayer plain and clear in his head and heard it say "fall." I rolled a nat 20 to resist and hit it with a "no u" causing the mind flayer to incapacitate himself, whereupon the bardbarian sprinted across the arena and beat the living crap out of the mind flayer

    7 months ago
  • Lyell

    my party is a dragonborn paladin, a teifling paladin(me) (Both of which have the same patron god lmao), a half elf bard, and an elf rogue. i can't even begin to describe the chaos our poor dm deals with every session. during a bossfight with a old lady under a spell, the rogue stole the woman's clothes and the bard knocked the lady out of her spell by fortnite dancing. when the fight was over, the woman told us she didn't want to live under a spell anymore, so the dragonborn maced her chest in without consulting the rest of the party first. the bard tried to revive an unconscious teifling by yanking one of his horns. we adopted an orphaned child. the paladins fought giant rats that came out of a well and threatened a butcher with their corpses. the dragonborn paladin insulted a ghost and nearly got killed (i had to plead for her life). the dragonborn was given a bottomless tankard and proceeded to drink so much she had to make a constitution saving throw (she failed). we visited fantasy walmart and all of the employees were named jon.

    i could go on...

    7 months ago