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Just something I think everyone here can relate to.

A Writer with Writer's Block

April 8, 2016

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

A black pen is sitting on my desktop waiting to be used.
But I simply can't do it
Could this be some sort of disease infecting my essence?
Don't get my wrong, I don't feel sick.
Even though I haven't been exactly functioning properly.  
Fictional writing is my thing, this should be easy right?
Go ahead Abby, pick up the pen, it won't bite.
Ha.  Shoot.  This isn't working.
I should go out and clear my head.
Just get out of here Abby, go for a walk, clear your head.
Kay, I can't go out I have to finish this; finish what you started, Abby.
Let me think...
Maybe a story about a lost little girl?  
No that's depressing, and it's been written billions of times.
Oh, I'm a failure, seriously, I bet other writers don't have it this hard.
Please, help me here oh strange and mysterious writing gods.
Quit procrastinating.
Rethink it all.
So, maybe I'll write about lies and betrayal?
To write or not to write that's the question.
Universe writing that's what I'll do.
Very good job Abby, you've got a topic, I'll reward you with a break.
We could go eat pretzels.  
Xavier's gourmet pretzels are the best.
Zap, I forgot what I was writing about.  


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1 Comment
  • RedWriter

    You forgot why but otherwise this is perfect! I love it.

    over 1 year ago