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The Grade...?

May 28, 2019

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Why didn't I triple check? Why was I so sure of myself? Making my way through the classroom I wondered, what will my grade be? The final exam hadn't seemed so hard, but what if that was because I didn't understand the material?

Had the classroom gotten bigger? The walk from my desk was surely not this long before...? Was my teacher smiling? Was that a good thing? I so it must be a good thing...?

Wait, what was that a zero? Why? Why? Why? Was I a failure? would I have to retake Algebra?

Wait, is my teacher still smiling? Is that a one in front of those zeros? Did I get a perfect score? Was my teacher lying to me? Was this real? It had to be, right?

Did this mean I would pass algebra? That I had survived? Should I say something philosophical? Did I have to go on to Geometry next year?

More importantly, would my mom let me get ice cream?


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  • Kepler

    I republished this because I had a typo... oops!

    6 months ago