Dani Gomez

United States

Hi my name is Dani and I love writing! Anything from sports journalism to poetry to creative writing. ❤️

Message from Writer

I love almost every style of writing and write anything from essays to journalism to poetry. I love experimenting with new writing styles but my all time favorite writing style is free verse poetry. I'm a swimmer so I write a lot about athletes, and a lot of my writing has to do with the theme of working hard or breaking through obstacles.


March 20, 2016

GROUP: Flash Fiction

I looked up and saw the rain. Each drop hit the ground with a mad force, as if the rain and the earth were in a fight. Drop by drop, the streets filled up to the brim. All the drops joined on the ground, to form waves that crashed, not on the sand, but on my porch. I looked down, and saw the sea. The rain had stopped. The air was still. But as I stood in my house I watched waves go wild through the street. They drowned the grass, the plants, the weeds. They crept up the lawn, they gushed through the car. The waves knocked on the door, again and again. I stood there. The waves knocked on the door, again and again, and came in.

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