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By: Kit_Kat

Average, they tell you.

Average grades
Average interests
Average ability

Is there really someone out there
Exactly the same as you?

Who shares every little habit
And hobby
And haircut?

With the same worries
And wars
And weaknesses?

Who's just as average?

I don't think so.
Average may work with science.
Average may work with numbers.
But not with humans.

Not with dreams
And personality
And life.

There's just no such thing as an average person.


Peer Review

"There's just no such thing as an average person."
This, to me, was the most powerful sentence in the poem. Not only do I relate very heavily to it, but also it's very true. No one is average.

They're not necessarily suggesting that there is no such thing as average. They are almost TELLING us that there is no such thing. This poem would very likely lead someone to believe that there is no one like them.

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