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March 11, 2015

GROUP: Flash Fiction

Once upon an hour ago, I found out I had a sibling. A twin sibling, to boot. I, Rebel Jenson, had a TWIN brother. Mother and father had been on divorce plans ever since I-we, were born. It seems they thought it'd be okay to never mention that we had another half. At least an ‘Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you have a twin' would have been nice. And now here I am meeting my twin brother, who is now in my mother's custody because the judge thought it was a good idea to have both brother and sister with the parent who carried them for nine months. Now my brother, Angel, is in mother’s permanent custody because father seems to have strayed from the path of a normal, sane person, and turned into a crazy, sex-addicted manic, who is okay with letting his son get abused by his lovers. Angel is going to psychological therapy, and it’s awkward because the people force me to go in with him for ‘moral support’. Moral support my butt, they just don’t want to be alone with him because Angel has tried to kill father and himself. Everyone who’s met Angel think he’s a sweet kid who’d never try to kill anyone, no matter how mean and horrible those people were. But unfortunately, they were super wrong, Angel has tried to slice his wrist many times, but he can never pull through for some reason. Trying to kill father however, was another story. Angel has managed to put father in the hospital multiple times from minor injuries like cuts and burns up to having big ones like concussions and being shot in the leg.

  “-bel. Rebel! Snap out of it! Were you in Wonderland or something?” Mother comes into my line of vision, bringing along Angel. I feel my butt hurting and remember that the court session was over and now my family was a member bigger. So long Friday Girl’s night out and Movie Monday~! “Rebel? Are you okay? You’re not mad about this, are you?”

  “Huh? What, no. I’m fine, just tired, and a bit surprised. How come you never told me about him?” I saw mother tense up. Before I could for inquire further, Angel spoke softly.

  “I thought you knew. I had always known about you, ever since…the first time dad got drunk. He said why couldn’t I have also been a girl, so that mother could have taken the both of us. It didn’t take long to find out the rest.”

  “I am so confused. So mother, you knew that he was in a way ‘spying’ on us?” Mother nods. “You knew that he was being…hurt?” Mother tries to explain but Angel interrupts her.

  “At first, no. I didn’t know if she cared enough to help me, so I tested her a bit and she passed. Then I told her, and that led to this moment now. And so thank you because now I’m safe.”


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