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Hello! I'm Amelia, and I'm a feminist who loves to write:)

Shattered Dream

April 13, 2019

GROUP: Flash Fiction

The paper tore once, twice, three times. I shredded it and scattered it to the wind. 
"Melinda what are you doing?" I turned to see my younger sister Emma tentatively walk over to me. 
"It's my rejection letter from Yale." When I said it aloud my chest felt heavy. There was no more hiding from my failure anymore. 
"Oh my god Mel. I'm so sorry, I know you really wanted to go there!" Although Emma's sympathy was innocent, I only made me feel more helpless. 
Staring at the littered paper around me, I thought, How do you repair shattered dreams? 


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  • Uma Bhat

    Oh boy, I can totally relate to this. I'm not a senior but was rejected to sooooooo many programs this year, and knowing I worked hard and had the stats/ECs it was pretty crushing. Doing better now and I have some other programs to work with now, but I feel like this poem kind of hits a soft spot for a lot of high schoolers. Thanks for writing this!

    10 months ago