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Message to Readers

this is an improvised version, but, i'm waiting for all of your opinions!:)

Lost Love.

April 24, 2016

PROMPT: 26 Sentences


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Always, he said. Always, I'll love you.
But when he first vanished, i felt the pang.
Caught my fluttering heart, he did.
Dump it, without virtue, he also did.
Eager, for love, at the tender age of sixteen
Forgetting the world, as he looked into my eyes.
Gun point to my heart, he had me at first touch.
How heartless he was, i didn't realize then
Ink blots with tears now as i write our beautiful story
Judging by his vacant stares, the care he no longer has.
Killed me from the very start, his mighty love, the things he gave.
Love blinds us, its true, mine did.
Miserly, i wanted him to be all mine
Never thinking, only feeling.
Open hearted
Pulse rate increased
Quickened heart beats
Restless souls
Suddenly disappearing, as if it never happened
Tell me, how? how could you do this?
Useless as i feel now,
Vulnerable and lost
Wrecked and wounded
X- mas, can't even get my spirits high, the lights, the empty happiness
Yearning for lost love
Zealous, even in beautiful death.

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