Loves: BTS more than anything. Hobbies: writing poetry (and stories if I have time), singing my lungs out to K-Pop, dreaming every day. Main aspirations: to become an author, to see BTS in person.

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Hello to everyone on Write the World, this is Flaw. I've been publishing my work since November 2018. Hope that you all will take the time to read them (Inkitt - Flaw, Wattpad - @free620)! Since this box is for a message, here's one I would like to share with you: always be true to yourself. What I mean by that is accepting you as you, especially the flaws you have. Why my pseudonym is the same as a word with a negative connotation is because I would like to show the world that even with many imperfections, I believe that my flaws are an inseparable part of me and, thus, shape me to be perfect. I hope through my writing I can convey this to you and that everyone can learn to become the truest version of yourself!

Ani, Ani, Ani

March 3, 2019

GROUP: Flash Fiction

My breath grew ragged with exhaustion from each pounding step. Beads of sweat stained the back of my shirt. Only one thought was repeated in my mind: "RUN."

Behind me, I could hear his cackling, menacing laugh as he relentlessly chased after me. Chased out of my house and onto the, unfortunately, straight road, I searched for anywhere I could hide. Luckily, something caught my eye and I made a beeline for that spot.

I swerved right behind a tall, staggering fence and swiftly leaped over it. Hiding behind a large bush, I peeked behind it to find my pursuer glancing around in confusion before running in the opposite direction. Wasting no time, I made my way to the humongous shed I spotted. Squeezing myself between the side of the wall and a wheelbarrow the size of a boulder, I took in greedy, gulpfuls of air.

But no sooner than when I thought I was safe, I heard a long, scraping sound behind me. I froze, my eyes growing wide, trying to steady my breathing. The scraping became a tapping. The tap-tap sound of metal on wood randomly tapped at various places around me. That is until it stopped three feet above my head.

"No, no, no," I whispered, almost inaudible, to myself, whimpering miserably. There was only a gut-wrenching silence permeating the air. A shot of pain pierced my abdomen. I looked down to see a blade dripping with my blood. I let out a chilling scream.


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  • Flaw

    @RNE thank you! :D

    9 months ago
  • RNE

    woah! that was amazin'! ima lookin' forward for more!

    9 months ago
  • Flaw

    @Quille thank you so much! :D

    9 months ago
  • Quille

    Wow! That's really awesome!! I was on the edge of my seat reading it :DD Action, suspense, and description! Keep it up :DDDD

    9 months ago