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Just to make it clear, this isn't a part two, this is only saying that the main character is meeting a person in the story for the second time in their lives.

The Day I Met You : Take Two

March 2, 2019

GROUP: Flash Fiction

    As an actress on the run, I certainly do have a long way to go. Paparazzi, my most recent director, and apparently two massive squirrels are all chasing me. Luckily, my mother was 8 states away from me, so no way for her to run after me, too. Why are they on my tail, you ask? All I can say is - welcome to the club. That's what I'm trying to figure out too.
    I have a hunch, but it seems really quite unlikely. So, that being the case, I will keep it to myself. Anyway, as I try to maneuver through the labyrinth that is central Los Angeles, keyword there being try mind you, I stub the tippy tip of my stiletto into a worn boot. I've always wondered how I became an actress, being probably the most gauche teenager to live on this planet. I jerk my head up to say I'm sorry, and run along on my way. but as soon as I glance at the face looking down at me...

It's deja vu..

"Oh, um, sorry." I mutter, looking behind my shoulder to see if a mob is still chasing me. YES! They've abandoned me. I want to do a little dance, but having seen the person still standing in front of me, I have become quite self-conscious. You see, I definitely wasn't suited for the role of an actress, who is supposed to be stoic and self-conscious all the time.
OH! The person is still standing there!

"Sierra, is that you," she asks.
My great elan vanishes at once as I recognize this girl.
"Oh, hello, Melinda." I try not to sound bitter, I really do. I'm not sure I succeed.
"I heard you became famous, that you work for Hollywood now. Er, congrats, I guess."
"Thanks, that's very kind of you to say." I now sound very, very brusque.

"Are you running from someone?"
"Well, I mean.." I'm very hesitant. I really don't want to share my personal affairs with Ms. Melon. But she guesses enough. I used to wonder, when we knew each other, if she could read my mind. 
"I see. Why are people chasing you, then?"
What I was about to snap back was 'Why are you being so nosy?'
    But I don't. Something gregarious in me wants me to tell this girl. This girl that I haven't seen in 8 years. This girl that befriended me, just so that she could finagle me in the end. This girl that balled me up like trash and threw me in the dustbin.

"I don't think I'm meant to be an actress. I don't think I'm prim and proper enough for fame. And apparently, neither do these people. That's why. They want to fire me straight out of Hollywood." I've suddenly figured out the answer.
"Oh, do they? That's terrible. I'm very sorry." She actually sounds sincere. So I talk back.
"How are you doing, Melinda?"
    She stares at me for a few seconds, and tears pool up in her green eyes. I stand there, quite awkwardly, suddenly caught unaware by her despair.

"Life wrecked me over, Sierra. After I did all that to you, I really made the wrong choices. I'm stuck out here all alone, living in a studio, deep in debt, with my angry parents across the world. I don't know what to do!"
"I'm sorry, Melinda. I.. I can't say anything." But I want to say so many things. So, drawing a breath, I do.
"How about this? I'm quitting my job now, obviously, but I have a bachelor's degree. How about I come stay with you awhile, share my earnings with you, and we both finds good jobs to help us live?"
There's a long pause.
"Would you.. would you really do that.. for me?"
This time I won't let her down.
"Yes, I would."



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