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No Exception #plottwist

February 22, 2019

PROMPT: Plot Twist


GROUP: Flash Fiction

The sword was out of my sheathe before I could even stop myself. A guttural and angry cry escaped my throat as he pulled out his own sword, and our weapons clashed with a loud clang. In a matter of seconds, I was a ball of fury, and the flashing mess engaging both of us was solid proof. Adrenaline coursed through my body, ridding my mind of any other thoughts or emotions. My arm was taking over, instincts and muscle memories kicking in. He might've been a close match if I was sober, but no, I was drunk on adrenaline and rage. I was merciless, slashing at his face as if his defined features weren't already sharp enough. Each stab was deadly, each thrust to fatal parts of his body that will promise him death. I was dancing with him, and my dress was one made of ferocity, already soaking up the red that will soon reach its material. Parrying his every mean of attack with easy sidestepping or familiars moves, he was defenceless in seconds. 

The tip of my sword quivered in the air, right below the base of his neck and between his collarbones. The wild fire within me hissed with satisfaction. I willed myself to look into the depth of his eyes, and he stared- glared right back, fierce and unforgiving. Kill me, he said with his eyes. I dare you.

The tip of my sword had stopped quivering, and its blade reflected the light. Just a few inches, a few centimeters, and he would be dead. Lifeless and empty and limp.

But, alas, I dared not. No, I dared not put my shaking body to use, dared not end his life even if I could easily crush it between my fingers, dared not touch that fragile neck of his. No, I dared not. Instead, I spoke.

"Do you know why I want to kill you?" My voice was shaking, just like my arms and my shoulders and my whole body.

His Adam's apple dipped in his throat as he swallowed, but his eyes betrayed no emotion. Just plain stubbornness, and my heart throbbed against my chest painfully. I lifted my head a little, as if to make myself braver and to stop the shaking. He gently shook his head, the motion almost undetectable, but I saw it anyway. I closed my eyes briefly, forcing the lump forming in my throat back down. A sob almost escaped me, but I force my eyes open and grit my teeth.

"Because I've never loved anyone before. And you should've been no exception."

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  • Dmoral13

    I wrote your peer review a while ago...sorry it hasn't shared yet. I'll look into this

    11 months ago
  • Dmoral13

    Winners posted:

    11 months ago
  • JCWriter

    That description WOW action scenes can be hard but you nailed this! Really well written!

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    AWESOME!!! That was an amazing read; action beautiful and imagery right-on! :DD Good luck in the contest!!

    12 months ago