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February 26, 2019

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GROUP: Flash Fiction

The city of Skolam hung in the air like a floating island. 
    No one knows the origin of Skolam, except for the people living on the country in the air. It was formed when many natural disasters happened in the same spot, above New York City, creating a portal through reality and space. Chunks of rock, land, technology, and nature stuck together, as if pulled by magnets. They created Skolam. No one knew of its existence, until an airforce pilot, Aaron Martin, crashed his jet into the surface of Skolam. Skolam's orbit field was powerful. That's how Aaron's jet malfunctioned. No one else dared to go to Skolam, except one brave woman, Sarah Fold, Aaron's girlfriend, who flew a jet to Skolam. She reached there, hurt, but alive, and she and Aaron began to build a city. Skolam's technology was more advanced and upgraded than any person on Earth could imagine. They had twirling, huge, cool skyscrapers, Virtual Reality experiences like no other, floating, relaxing, outdoor furniture, human spawning machines to increase the population, even mechanisms that could move the floating island. These amazing inventions were helping to progress the world of Skolam.

    However, something happened. 

    Skolam and the United States were signing a peace treaty. Skolam were allowed to lower their floating island into a crater in New York City. The transfer was made. At first, there was celebration. Then, suddenly, the ground shook violently. Skolam had caused a chain reaction, and triggered something terrible. Everyone started panicking. From underneath the dirt of Skolam, a huge creature appeared. One everyone knew all too well.

    A Cyclopes.
There might be a sequel!: Triggered 2


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