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By: bride124

PROMPT: Six-Word Story

You can only take advantage once.

Message to Readers

It is so simple and concise. I hope you enjoy it.

Peer Review

the usage of the words "only" and "once" together in the same sentence implies that this has happened before while characterizing the narrator as determined to prevent it from ever happening again. the title also makes you wonder how the narrator determined to prevent it from ever happening- are they going to shut themselves down and no longer become vulnerable? or are they going to deal with it in a healthy way and know the signs of being manipulated?

I would probably say that it's about growing from past trauma, moving on, learning how to better take care of yourself.

Reviewer Comments

such a powerful sentence that I'm sure resonates with SO many people. very well done :)
(sorry i didn't highlight anything, it's only 6 words & i didn't think i could analyze each one lmao)