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January 30, 2019

PROMPT: Plot Twist


GROUP: Flash Fiction

The Avengers, or at least what was left of them after Thanos snapping his fingers, ran through the forest. They had heard something, or someone. A few trees had fallen down unexpectedly. The Avengers now consisted of Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, and War Machine. War Machine and Thor were scouting ahead. Hulk was crashing in after them. Captain America and Black Widow were running after them. They could vaguely see a figure ahead, swiping at trees and making them fall. War Machine caught up with him and shot a stun bullet. It hit, but the man grabbed it out and threw it away. War Machine tried a few more bullets, but they did nothing. Thor flew faster and into the man. The man threw him off and punched Thor. Thor stumbled back and threw his hammer. It hit the man and sent him back. He struggled under the hammer, but it pushed him back. He fell to the ground under the hammer. Thor sent the hammer back into his hand. The man ran away, but Thor caught up to him again. The man swiped his hand at him, but didn't hit him. Yet Thor fell back. Captain America threw his new shield at him, but the man grabbed it and sliced it in half with an invisible knife. Captain America froze, but Black Widow kept going. She shot some sting bullets at him. She hit him, but he kept running. It was obvious he was slowing down, but he was persistent. Hulk jumped up and smashed down on the character. The Hulk rose up and wiped his hands. Suddenly, the figure jumped up and punched him three times. The Hulk screamed and fell back. The man jumped toward War Machine and knocked him unconscious. 
    That left Black Widow. 

    She ran harder, determined to catch this unknown, dangerous figure. She shot a few sting bullets and slowed him down. She ran up beside him and jumped up toward him. She wrapped her leg around his neck and spun around in a cool motion. She brought him to the ground hard. The wind was knocked out of him. She stood up and fired a bullet at him. As the man reached unconsciousness, Black Widow, now exhausted, studied him. She had never seen this man before. He had black hair, a beard, and ripped clothes. But he had no wounds. Black Widow spotted the claws retracting into the man's knuckles. She didn't know who this man was, and she shouldn't have. This wasn't supposed to happen.

    He was The Wolverine.


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