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June 19, 2019

PROMPT: Plot Twist


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Standing there, frozen in terror. The few first words told to me blew into one ear and was released out the other. Everything else said that night was just muttering and coaxing from my parents.
My parents are getting divorced.
Because I was ten, their exact words were Daddy and I are not living together anymore. It's not because of you...
And I didn't want to comprehend anything else that was said.
"Are you okay, McKenna?"
A single tear ran down my cheek but I smeared it away.
I shook my head.
"Everything will be fine-"
Now it was my turn to speak.
"McKenna-" Mom started.
I walked briskly to my room with a slam! of the door and fell into my full sized bed's comforter to release anymore emotions. 
"Hey." a unfamiliar voice said.
"Huh?" I extended my head from my damp blanket to see a pale girl supposedly around my age with long blond hair and wearing a nightgown.
"Shh! Do you want your parents to come here and see you and me?"
I silenced my mouth, to comply to her interesting point of view.
"Who are you?"
"Laura, the daughter of the last owners of this house."
"They left about three months ago."
"I know."
Silence echoed the room briefly.
'Why are you here?"
"To get the rest of my stuff."
I slowly nodded, still contemplating if this is worth not telling my parents.
"This used to my room, you know."
I merely stared.
"I lived here for six years before having to move."
"Why did you have to move?"
She darted her eyes back and forth.
"My parents divorced."
I flinched at the last word in that sentence.
"What? Did I say something wrong?'
"My parents are divorcing." 
The girl nodded.
"I know how it is like. it is complicated and you might have to favor a parent over the other."
My jaw dropped.
"That's awful! I don't know who to choose."
"If your parents really love you, they won't have to."
I bit my lip in fear.
"I just don't know what to do. I feel like it my fault. If I wasn't born, maybe-"
She touched my shoulder with her bony hand.
"Hey. Don't ever blame yourself. It always happens but know that it is not because of you."
I bowed my head.
"That's what my parents said."
"They are right. They must be very smart." She gave me a quick smile.
I smiled back.
"You are welcome."
She took a tour around my room.
"Wow. My room has really changed."
She picked up a large glittery object from my top drawer.
"What's this?"
I stood up from the bed to refer to what she is talking about.
"Oh. My dad's a geologist so while digging a mine, he found this rock and gave it to me to know that he is always with me."
The girl smiled.
"That is so sweet."
I smiled back.
She marveled at the rock, examining the rock back and forth.
"Oh my god, look at this part-"
Because of its size, it slipped from Laura's hand and cracked into the floor in a deafening thud!
Sorry!" Laura said sincerely.
I heard footsteps echoing closer to my door.
"Honey, what happened?"
"Sorry, Laura dropped Dad's rock."
Dad briefly inspected my room.
"Where is Laura?"
I pointed at the obvious human in my bedroom.
"Right there."
"I don't see her honey."
My mouth turned into a O.
"Just make sure it doesn't happen again."
I merely nodded in shock. 
After saying quick good-nights, they gently closed the door and left.
"How come they didn't see you?"
The young girl smiled.
"I think you know how."
"What?" I blinked.
And like that, Laura was gone.



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  • Samina

    Oh my god! What an ending. So good.

    6 months ago