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The Perfect Way to Have A Breakup

January 24, 2019

PROMPT: Plot Twist


GROUP: Flash Fiction

I closed my eyes, thinking about what color of flowers that Kira would like. Maybe pink, with a hint of red? Or just solid blue? A mix would be better, to match the variety of things she loved. She could never settle on one color she liked best anyway. I looked up and down the shelf of flowers until I found the perfect mixed one. She would love it.

Next I grabbed some chocolates, since I knew she couldn't resist the caramel ones. I couldn't wait to give them to her, and so I quickly bought them and hurried out of the store. A glance at my watch informed me that I had only ten minutes until Kira expected me. 

I hopped in my car and drove to her house. Before I could ring the doorbell though she had opened the door and was beaming at me. I smiled a weak smile, trying my best to be as enthusiastic as her. She just ran into me for a hug and a kiss, and I gave her the flowers and chocolates.

"Kevin! You didn't have to!" she squealed as she took them from me. But she was so happy we both knew that I did. Then I held her hand and led her to the car. 

"Ready for our date?" I asked her and she just kissed me again. I almost forgot what was coming next, along with the expensive bill from our dinner date which was for the special occasion of our three year anniversary. So I drove off, arrived at the restaurant after a conversation with Kira about what we would get for dinner, since we had been to this place before.

Dinner went smoothly, and Kira was overexcited, more than I had expected her to be. Then the time drew near for me to tell her my big news. I took a deep breath and sighed, figuring it would be better just to get it over with. It was time she knew that I wasn't going to the college that she was, Brooklyn Springs but instead going to a new one that had opened up in California. It was a far ways away, but close to where my dad and sister lived. If I went to Brooklyn Springs I would be stuck with my mom, and I really missed my dad and sister. It would also mean breaking up with her, since it would be too hard to stay in touch. The new college was a prestigious one, and I would have to work extra hard.

Before I could start though she started talking. "Kevin, I have big news to tell you." 

I was surprised but just replied, "I also have big news to tell you." She just nodded and continued.

"My parents are moving to Italy, where my father is from. They believe that we are a strong couple and that we will stay together, and they want me to move in with you after we go to college."


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  • The Bubbling Pen

    ooooooh plot twist indeed, awesome job! <3

    8 months ago
  • bride124

    Nice work! Thanks for following me!

    8 months ago
  • Quille

    Perfect! :DD

    8 months ago