Daria Ermolenko

United Kingdom

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60 Seconds Sign

February 16, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Minute


GROUP: Flash Fiction

Almost there, almost there, almost there - THERE IT WAS. Finally, the sign emerged into view. The two words sitting on top of the bright red surface, engraved, but so lightly that they could almost be reaching out to greet you. It was more than a culmination of the month-long travel, no, it was the conformation of life beyond travel itself. It was the sign of stability, the sign of belonging, the sign of pure and passionate hope. A sign no one could erase from the eyes of the heart. Instantly filling whoever cared to cast a glance at it with warmth, the sign dictated a traveller's fate that very minute on that very road. It caused an instant wish to pull the brakes and drown in those 60 seconds it took for the sign to once again come out of view, before its so very much awaited impact was to be experienced in person. Once the car was parked.


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