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Write a story in tweet-form! That’s right, dear writers, see what you can do with 280 characters, or less. That includes letters, spaces, and punctuation.
Author Robert Swartwood, who has anthologized many tweet-length stories, has this advice for even the tiniest tales: “A story should do four basic things: obviously it should tell a story; it should be entertaining; it should be thought-provoking; and, if done well enough, it should invoke an emotional response.”
Read the examples below, and then try your hand at writing your own tweet-sized tale.
Teju Cole:
I am an invisible man. My name is unknown. My loves are a mystery. But an unmanned aerial vehicle from a secret location has come for me.
Karen Lawrence:
She gave a wry laugh. Her phone changed mis-spelt communication to mummification. The very state of her heart laid bare for her to ponder.
Jon Hovarth:
Today I tried reasoning with a wasp. It chose not to listen. And that still stings.