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All in a Minute

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In fewer than 100 words, write a story that takes place in one minute of your character's life. Avoid flashbacks (memories or information from the past) and flash forwards (projecting into the future). Instead, stay put in the details of the moment.

Michael Jagunic beautifully demonstrates what can unfold all in a minute in his story "Aftermath":

He laid his forehead against the backseat window and undid his bow tie. Beside him, she cradled the smashed up layer cake in her lap like a dead baby.
“We can fix this,” she whimpered, trying to convince herself. “We can still fix this.”
He feared the same thing that she did: that life was crumbly, that some things cannot be fixed. So he reached for her arm and gave it a squeeze. “I know.”
The cabbie, a real professional, suffered their boozy nonsense in silence.

~ Michael Jagunic

(published by Microfiction Monday Magazine