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Greetings, Earthlings.

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Imagine waking up to find an otherworldly creature sitting on your porch, or standing on your doorstep. You’d likely have a number of questions—but, then again, so would the alien!
It’s interesting to think about all that is familiar to us, and what we take for granted. How do we know that we need to brush our teeth, for example? Why do we make our beds in the morning? Why, for that matter, do we even sleep?
For this prompt, write from the perspective of an alien observing you in your daily routine, reporting back to his or her family (on Mars, Pluto, Venus, wherever!) about what your earthly life is like. How might they describe your actions? (I.e. brushing teeth might mean ‘using a funny stick to spread goo across teeth’). For the purposes of this prompt, we’ll assume our alien visitor speaks English, and you can decide what is/isn’t familiar to them (do they know what teeth are, for example?).
Have fun with this, dear writers—you might come away with newfound appreciation for everything you do in a day, and a whole new vocabulary for how to describe it!