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Comedy or Tragedy?

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“My family’s story about the decline in status of my great-grandparents always sounds very sad and very funny at the same time,” said Lithuanian prose writer Undine Radzeviciute in an interview about her craft. “[It is a] humorously sorrowful story…”
The intersection and co-existence of comedy and tragedy addressed by Radzeviciute is represented throughout all forms of literature, even through Shakespeare’s plays, many of which are written in a genre called the “tragi-comic.”
Dear writers, for this prompt, we invite you to try your hand at combining the seemingly contrasting experiences of humor and sadness. In a story of 300 words or less, create a scene in which these styles co-exist. How does comedy exist in tragedy? How do life’s ups and downs remind us not to take ourselves too seriously? What is so funny that it slices through sadness, laughter bubbling up and out of otherwise trying circumstances?