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Write a short story in 300 words or less, using TWO of the unrelated nouns from this list: Koala, Raincoat, Dental Floss, Outdoor Furniture, Skyscraper.

This exercise is an example of Gianni Rodari's 'Fantastic Binomials', in which a story is created from two, seemingly unrelated, nouns. As you craft your story, keep the following guidelines and questions in mind:
  • Does your story seamlessly include the two nouns you chose? Are these words needed elements of the story rather than awkward add-ons?
  • We're looking for really creative uses of these words—are they used in a way that surprises and delights the reader?
  • Does your short story stand alone as a complete piece of work? Have you written a strong and wonderful ending that leaves the reader feeling satisfied? (Note this doesn't mean you have to tie everything up neatly—there is always room for unanswered questions in literature!)