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Story Cubed

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If you’re a flash fiction aficionado, you already know that the genre has subcategories. FLASH FICTION and SUDDEN FICTION refer to stories under 1,000 words; MICRO FICTION stories are under 100 words, and HINT FICTION stories come in under 50.
For this prompt, we want you to combine all three… i.e., write the same story three times!
  1. The first version: a piece of flash or sudden fiction, that is, 500-1,000 words
  2. The second: a piece of micro fiction, at approximately 100 words
  3. And the third: a piece of hint fiction at approximately 50 words
The challenge—and beauty—of this exercise is to carry one essence through all three versions. What is the heart of your story, and how can it show up in three different renderings?