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Mari Jones

United Kingdom

A student who enjoys writing every now and then - also a fan of poetry :)

Message to Readers

This is the first in a series of ten poems I plan on writing in an attempt to experiment possible effective poetry structures which successfully convey the theme explored in all its corners, from many angles. Each will be approached as a separate poem but all ultimately linking together in exploration of a continued theme throughout. Thus being the following of a young adult as she discovers her true self and how her life changes around this. Tips and advice on structure and punctuality or any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read. Enjoy :D

She's His - ( She Series I )

February 16, 2016


She's his.
S​he's sure, she thinks.
She has never known love
other than this so again they
kiss, wish.  

She laughs.
He grins, both smile,
making it last a while.
Rolling on sofa, heads in a spin.
Bump chin. 

So young.
Sixteen with dreams.
Future plans sewn to seams.
Him, her, the world, the trees and streams.
All weave.    

Dreaming intertwined.
He dreams of her, she dreams
of lies and about another.
A girl.    

in a whirl, panic.
Girl? Wait what? Stop - girl?
Guilty she glances, chances - he
won't know.    

She laughs at the
thought in the hysteria.
Brushes it off in a second.

She's his.
She's sure, she thinks.
She has never known love
other than this - so again they
kiss, wish.  


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