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So I'm nerdy, I like reading, and I like writing (if that wasn't already obvious).

Message to Readers

I kind of wrote this quickly so if there's any grammatical errors or weird wordings please let me know! Also any advice on how to improve my writing, it would really help.


January 16, 2019


They tap on the drums of your ear:
heavy as they pass through the air,
light as they slip into your mind. 
They come from the trees as they sway,
dancing or shivering as the wind sings a 
soft tune as well. They are in one's eyes,
a silent scream or a shriek of joy; they are
in a smile, resting on the lips and waiting 
behind the teeth. They are in every breath, 
leaking out with each exhale and increasing
in volume with each inhale. They come from
the mountains, who are whistling and wailing
in their own quiet voices. They come with the 
storm as it approaches in the form of moans
and groans, the phenomenon revealing itself
in all its dark and ominous glory. They find 
their way from the moon: muted when the
moon is consumed by the night sky, but letting
themselves be heard when it returns. They 
invade the mind- an intrusion from the ghosts
that continue to exist in memories. They may 
not always be heard, but they are everywhere:
pervading all feelings and objects, whether 
inanimate or alive. Hear them, see them, 
feel them: for they are all throughout.


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