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Hi! Don't you love writing? I do, and so do you if you're on this site. I also love talking to people, so feel free to message me about all things related to writing (or not as well)!


January 3, 2019

My best friend gave her to me for my seventh birthday
That would be the last one I'd have in Arizona
Home to sunshine, pools, fruit orchards, and me
Until it suddenly wasn't one October day
But that's another story that Emma saw, too

Emma is a dog
A stuffed animal
But very much alive
She has floppy ears
One brown, one white
The same colors
Around each eye
Her tail is short
But I'd never tell
And she's always
Sticking out her
Small, pink tongue

She's seen me cry
Multiple times
And all she's ever
Said to me was,
"I love you
So don't cry"


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