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First, it's an updated version. Second, I tried, alright. Third, I know the 'if these walls could talk' is kind of cliche, bear with me. Lastly, I have the grammar skills of a two-year-old, sorry. Enjoy!

If These Walls Could Talk

January 19, 2019

If these walls could talk
they would tell out a life's story.
The sadness and happiness they've seen
the pain inked with scratches.

If these walls could talk 
they would whisper the secrets they've seen.
The secrets we've kept from each other 
the birthday surprises and forever fights.

If these walls could talk
they would spill out our childhood.
The life lessons learned hard
the moments where life was perfect

If these walls could talk 
they would paint a book of memories.
The tears smearing between joy and pain 
the smiles and laughs, only genuine.

If these walls could talk 
I would listen for hours
Not only to escape this lonely reality,
but relive the happiest moments of my life

God, I wish these walls would talk.


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1 Comment
  • Katelyn._.Rose

    This is absolutely lovely, I love the openness of it! Letting the reader take the poem in their own personal perspective is brilliant!

    about 1 year ago