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As of right now, I won't be giving reviews often.


February 19, 2016


death is white
a crisp, starched white
the dress never worn collecting mothballs in an attick

death is red
a deep, blood red
dripping from the fingers of the living

death is orange
a burnt, dried orange
the sunset of the day of your life

death is yellow
an obnoxious, sticky yellow
the color of the disinfectant on surgery patients

death is green
a fake, plastic green
peat on a freshly dug grave

death is blue
a choked, steely blue
the waves of an angry ocean

death is violet
a vibrant, neon purple
the color on her lips her last night out

death is black
the absence of color
the pupils of a cadaver as they stare at the morgue lights
unknowing and glassy


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